Amie Carter

Amie Carter is the main protagonist on her YouTube channel. her channel is titled "More Than Hope:Raising a child with Extreme Behaviors & Aggression"


Amie Carter lives in the USA state of Michigan with her two family members Jayden and Alexis.

More Than Hope is an autism support organization she has created for her son Jayden, because in Michigan there is still very little support for her son Jayden (who has aspergers and a slew of other conditions) and she'd never want to walk up to an autism conference and tell the people about her son's outrageous and life-threatening behaviors...

and threats to murder his family members with shiny silverware knives.

Her son Jayden has many serious neurobiological disorders, such as Aspergers, OCD, ODD, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar-NOS and IED and suffers frequent outbursts of violet rage on a very constant basis and, even though Amie loves Jayden for he's her son, his multiple disorders and behaviors associated with them are draining Amie fiancially, mentally, phsically and spiritually.

Living with autism

Living with autism

Amie speaks on TV for her autistic (aspie) son Jayden and the difficulties of raising her son.....


- Jayden, stop!

- We're not bringing that soccer ball in!

- OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

- We are leaving.

- Alright, 911 it is. You just pinched me. You kicked me in the neck.

- Can you say "please"?

- Not until you put a Pull-Up on.

- (The cut) doesn't look like it's from right now!)

- What do you want?

- When are you gonna learn to stop using those words?

- Time out for Jayden. Time out for Jayden.


  • It appears that she divorced with her husband since he is never seen in the videos.  
  • She made an autism support organization known as "More Than Hope:Raising a child with Extreme Behaviors & Aggression"