Dealing with Jayden is the fourth installment in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded on December 12, 2012. 


Jayden is in the hospital, since he had to be hospitalized after a recent meltdown. His mom tries to get him to eat his lunch but his defiant attitude is kicking in. He wants a notebook but she won't give him one unless he eats his lunch. He bites, threatens to beat up his mother and seemingly touches her breasts.


  • This video was uploaded 2 days before the Sandy Hook tragedy.


Jayden: If you can find my DS for me. Ask him.

Amie: I will, when we're done eating. Right now we're having lunch.

Jayden: I am going to beat you!

Amie: Hey hey hey, no, you're not gonna start throwing things!

Jayden: Oh yeah? I'm gonna throw your pop.

Amie: Oh yeah? You're not. That's not my pop, that was Grandma's. I will go ask him to get you a notebook if you eat.

Jayden: (Mutters)

Amie: Right now it's time to eat lunch.

Jayden: (Fake eating noises) When I get my hands on you, I am going to beat you!

Amie: Are you gonna punch me now?

Jayden: Go now.

Amie: No.

Jayden: Yeah!

Amie: I am the boss. You're not the boss.

Jayden: Go now or I'll smash your sandwich.

Amie: Jayden, get your hands out of my space. This is my space. You don't touch me, you don't-- Stop it right now. Jayden?

Jayden: Go ask him.

Amie: I'm not gonna go ask him out of you threatening me.

Jayden: Yes.

Amie: I told you, you had all that food to eat. (while Jayden tries to bite her) Jayden, stop. No. You're gonna bite me?

Jayden: Mm-hm. (tries to bite her)

Amie: Stop it right now. Jayden, do you think it's funny? (leaves the hospital room then turns to Jayden)

Jayden: What are you doing?

Amie: I'm gonna go tell him that you're threatening me and biting me again.

Jayden: Go. Go. I am going to put my hands on you! Go ask him.

Amie: You wanna get your hands on me?

Jayden: Mm-hm.

Amie: What are you gonna do?

Jayden: Punch you in the face. (pause) Yeah, that's what I thought.

Amie: Jayden's not being good again. No, he was just trying to pinch me, punch me...

Jayden: I-I wan-- I want that notebook!

Amie: But I told him that he has to finish his lunch first.

Jayden: Mooooooom!

Amie: I just spent $16 on food and he can sit and eat some of his lunch.

Jayden: I-I wan--

Amie: You don't even have a spot to set your notebook.

Jayden: I can draw AND eat!

Tami: No.

Amie: But I... am the boss.

Jayden: No.

Amie: And I told you I want you to eat some more fries. And some more broccoli.

Jayden: Grandma-AAAAAA!!!!

Tami: Honey, don't yell at her.

Jayden: No. No, no, no, no!

Jayden: Don't look at me like you're a stupid brat hole. You're a brat hole.

Tami: Hey.

Jayden: Stop!

Amie: I wasn't even looking at you Jayden, I had just looked up at the TV.

Jayden: You're looking at me! Yes, that's what I thought.

Amie: Say what?

Tami: Is this your problem?

Amie: It's yours, you tried to throw it.

Tami: Oh, gosh. You're gonna throw Grandma's pop?

Jayden: No. (pause) I'll eat one French fry and then we're going to ask him.

Amie: No, I make the rules.

Jayden: No, I'll eat one French fry!

Amie: And you can have a bite of your sandwich or, uh, a carrot.

Jayden: (Muttering)

Amie: Or you can have some carrots, or some broccoli, and then we'll go ask him.

Jayden: Oh, I need something good for me?

Amie: Mm-hm?

Jayden: I'll have some water. Eh?

Amie: Water's a drink, water's not food.

Jayden: I don't care if it's food or not.

Amie: Can I have a bite of the carrot or a bite of the broccoli, and then I'll go get a notebook?

Jayden: Yup. You can haaaave this.

Amie: No, I said can YOU have a bite of it?

Jayden: No.

Amie: You can dip it in the ranch dressing.

Jayden: (Tells a story)

Amie: Oh, so you just... eat the ranch off of the carrot?

Jayden: Yes.

Amie: Oh.

Tami: (Muttering)