Dealing with Jayden is the fourth installment in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded on 12/12/12. 


Jayden is in the hospital, since he had to be hospitalized after a recent meltdown. His mom tries to get him to eat some lunch, but he acts defiant. He wants a notebook, but she won't give him one unless he eats his lunch. He bites, threatens to beat up his mother and seemingly touches her boobs.


  • This video was uploaded 2 days before the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • Jayden had to be hospitalized because of the events of Tantrum in the parking lot.


Jayden: Mom, give it.

Amie: I will, but now we're eating lunch.

Jayden: I am going to beat you!

Amie: Hey hey hey, you're not gonna start throwing things!

Jayden: Oh yeah? I'm gonna throw your pop!

Amie: Oh yeah? You're not. That was Grandma's. I will ask them to get you a notebook if you eat. Right now it's time to eat lunch.

Jayden: (Fake eating noises) When I get my hands on you, I am going to beat you!

Amie: Are you gonna punch me now?

Jayden: Yeah!

Amie: Well I am the boss. You're not the boss.

Jayden: Yes!

Amie: He can eat his lunch. You don't even have a spot to set your notebook.

Jayden: I can draw AND eat!

Amie: But I am the boss, and I wanted you to eat some more fries.

Jayden: I don't wan-AAAAAA!!!!


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