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The following comes from Amie Carter's blog "More Than Hope Michigan".

Mental illness in youth needs to be talked about. When my 5 year old son was committed to a mental hospital for 6 days the sandy hook shooting happened. I listened to all the reporters and all the stories. And I thought. Now we will get help. But the media talk faded.


  And my son got better for awhile. Just to go into a ongoing 3 week phase of uncontrollable rage and unable to cope in society or at home. A danger to himself and others. Nobody is jumping in and trying to HELP or PREVENT.

When the media was reporting about all the mentally ill youth in America everyone seemed concerned. And my 7 year old son is exhibiting these kinds of behaviors and nobody can give him intense therapy? Help him guide his daily life with structure. He has the abilities to be great. Let’s help him focus in the good abilities. Give him outlets. Structure. A reward system. A safe-unbreakable home environment. A restricted school environment.

Or we can ignore it. Take small steps towards pushing him into the criminal system and take the chance of him lying and getting stories changed and the parent charged with child abuse. (Which I WILL be installing 24hour video cameras.) We can ignore it and let the however million kids who suffer and turn out in the system and end up in jail or prison.

In America, we go ahead and get rid of 5000 mental hospitals. We don’t rehabilitate or manage mental illness in America. They seem to help guide the parents into deaden roads that lead to getting paper trails and getting your child in the system as a criminal before they will help them. It causes heartache on the family, the community and by ignoring it.


May 22, 2014 Edit

Posted by amiem012 in Uncategorized on May 22, 2014

Please help us. I don’t know where else to turn. I have been on this journey for quite some time and things have escalated from bad to extreme.

My son is 7 years old and he has been out of control the past 3 weeks. He is diagnosed with ODD and Disruptive Behavior disorder. We have been working with CMH for over a year and he is medicated.

I have searched far and wide for options & recourses for us with little success. This illness has not only put my daughter and I in an unhealthy environment but now it is putting his classmates in an unhealthy environment.

Jayden has been suspended 3 times in the last 2 weeks. He is attacking the principal, swearing, throwing, punching the school staff and destroying school property. He has been the same at home and in public places.

He has little remorse and fake emotions. As I write this, I’m shaking…my body feels numb and my heart is sad. I look at my son and I really don’t like him right now.

He has been so violently mean to me. I can’t even talk without him saying shut up or your stupid.

He was suspended 5 times, attacked the principal, tore up her office numerous times, broke the lunch ladies glasses and broke school property. His classroom had to be evacuated from the room 3 times, because of his behavior.

The police had to be called to remove him from the school on the last day.