Jayden Carter is an autistic sperg who lives in Burton (near Flint), Michigan. His mom, Amie, loves him very much and has seen he is different from other children from infancy.

Jayden at 5 1/2

His family will usually try to stop him from getting more angry. He is also wanting friends to play with him every time he notices a child, though he often attacks ANYBODY around him, you name it.

He will persuade the protagonist to stay and play even during times of aggression.

However, he is diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers), ODD, ADHD, IED, Bipolar Disorder, DMD, and Vision loss. He struggles every single day as his moods switch from happy to angry as hell due to his Aspergers and bipolar disorder. When he is happy, Amy is happy too. He was born on 12/30/06 according to Amie Carter's Facebook page.

Gender: Male

Likes: Getting his way, his Xbox, his father, Spider-Man, American Pie, Grand Theft Auto, the Beastie Boys, Video Games

Hates: Not getting his way, getting his privileges taken away, sometimes his mom

Early Life Information Edit

Jayden has never been given the opportunity to be a regular child. He has shown such symtoms of mental illness since his first week of birth.

Ever since Jayden's first week of life after birth, according to "More Than Hope MI" he has suffered from numerous symptoms of numerous conditions. " No eye contact, seizures, colicky, no self soothing skills, gastrointestinal problems, eczema, spinning, never sleeping, hitting himself in the head, anger, explosiveness, short tempered, repetitive behavior, manipulation beyond his years, fake emotions…the list goes on and on."

During school and at home, Jayden is often very aggressive and frequently attacks people, swears, breaks things, says death threats (often involving knives) and has even made sheer attempts to ask his family members to lend him a knife... Jayden is too young for knives and its dangerous.

Jayden was diagnosed with Aspergers and ODD at the mere age of 3. According to Jamie Carter, his emotional intelligence is that of a toddler even as he grows up due to lack of control over his feelings. as a baby, Jayden would use BIG GINORMOUS words for his age and his i.q. above average and still had a pacifier at the age of 3. Jayden was too old for a pacifier.

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