Jayden gets Grounded is a grounded video made out of Jayden Carter on GoAnimate by Amethyst in Black. It was uploaded on May 13th,
Jayden gets Grounded

Jayden gets grounded.



Jayden gets grounded for being a bad kid.


  • This is the first grounded video made out of Jayden.
  • This is a spin-off of Amethyst in Black's other series, J.B gets Grounded.
  • Chris makes a reference to Jayden trying to get a knife when he says "where's your knife?"


Amie: Kimberly

Jayden: Kidaroo

Alexis: Julie

Chris: Eric

Chad: Not appeared yet (his voice is Diesel in other grounded serieses)


Amie: Jayden Carter, you are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded!

Jayden: But Mom, Alexis, Chris, I didn't do anything! I swear to god I didn't do it to it! Waaaah, I'm so ******, I'm gonna kill you 'til you're dead!

Chris: Hahahahahahaha! Very funny, Jayden! Where's your knife? Oh wait, you aren't licensed to have weapons because you are underraged.

Alexis: Yeah Jayden, my boyfriend is right. You are still a minor. You are grounded grounded grounded!

Jayden: [screams at the top of his lungs] **** you Chris!

Chris: Hey, watch your language, Jayden! I'll call them again so Chad can just take you away.

Jayden: [Indistinct]

Amie: Do I need to have the police to calm you down?! Jayden?

Jayden: STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amie: Calm down! Calm down!

Jayden: [Keeps screaming]

Amie: Go to your room, right now!

Jayden: I'll kick your *** someday!