Jayden at the Park is the second episode in The Good Days series. On YouTube, it was uploaded on May 23, 2010. 


Like the title would have you believe, Jayden is at the park with his mother, Amie.


  • This was uploaded on the same day that Jayden going down a slide was.
    • It is unknown why the videos weren't lumped together, due to them being so similar.


Jayden: [climbing up a ladder] I have to get up here for...

Amie: Good job! This is number 5.

Jayden: Mom. Mom, think of this area.

Amie: Where are you going?

Jayden: Down here.

Amie: I thought you were going down the slide and say hi!

Jayden: But mom,

Amie: What?

Jayden: What if it still...swings over there? I can go swing now, Mom.

Amie: Well no, why don't you go do number 5, since you're right here? I wanted to get another "Hi". Pleeeeeease?

Jayden: Mom, we have to.because I do the swings.

Amie: Well we'll swing before we leave. Why don't you do one more time on the slide? I told you you could go 5 times. Let's go ahead and get the 5 done, and then we'll go on something different.

Jayden: Yeah, because I'm right this time.

Amie: OK, one more time!