Jayden at the Park is the second episode in The Good Days series. It was uploaded on 5/23/10. 


Like the title would have you believe, Jayden is at the park with his mom.


  • This was uploaded on the same day that Jayden going down a slide was.
    • It is unknown why the videos weren't lumped together, due to them being so similar.


(Jayden is climing up a ladder.)

Amie: Good job! This is number 5.

Jayden: Mom, I need you to stay here.

Amie: Where are you going?

Jayden: Down here.

Amie: I thought you were going down the slide and say hi!

Jayden: But mom,

Amie: What?

Jayden: I wanna go to the swings over there.

Amie: Well no, why don't you do number 5, since you're right here? I wanted to get another hi. Pleeeeeease?

Jayden: I want to do the swings.

Amie: We'll do the swings before we leave. Now why not go down the slide? I told you you could go 5 times.

Jayden: The bell rang.

Amie: One more time!

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