Jayden being Spiderman is the first episode in The Good Days series, and also the first video Amie ever uploaded. It was uploaded on 3/28/10. 


Jayden is wearing his Spiderman costume to day care.


  • This is the first episode in the series.
  • This is the only time Jayden is seen without glasses.
  • This was before Jayden's diagnosis.


Jayden: (Smiling) Cheese!

Amie: Cheese! Where's your glasses at? They're behind you. Are you wearing your Spider-man to day care today?

Jayden: I don't want to push. I'm not gonna push, Mom.

Amie: You're not gonna push the other kids?

Jayden: No.

Amie: Promise?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Okay.

Jayden: (Mumbles)

Amie: Huh? Lila?

Jayden: I want her to be there. Lila's my friend.

Amie: Yeah, Lila's nice. I like Lila.

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Yeah.

Jayden: But she's my friend. I can show her around my (mumbles).

Amie: Mm. Can you sing um, a song for me?

Jayden: What?

Amie: Can you sing a song?

Jayden: Why? Mom. Spiderman don't sing song!

Amie: Spiderman doesn't sing do you want this on?

Jayden: (Makes a sound as Amie puts his Spider-man mask on him)

Amie: Ha ha! Look at you!

Jayden: (Mumbles)

Amie: I think I might've put it on wrong.

Jayden: Huh?

Amie: No, that's right.

Amie: Ooh, wow.

(Jayden continues mumbling)