Jayden dies is a video made by TableComedian2015 VGCP on GoAnimate. It has an alternate ending to [[Jayden upset that no one could play|Jayden upset because no one could
Jayden Dies


Jayden and his mom are in the driveway, like in Jayden upset because no one could play. He smiles when he thinks his mom is crying. But unlike the other video, she takes offense to this and smashes Jayden with a hammer. Angrilly, she walks away. Later, she visits Jayden's grave, but only to poop on it.



Jayden: You'd better cry! (Smiles)

Amie: Why are you smiling?

Jayden: 'Cuz, you're stupid!

Amie: Because I'm crying?

Jayden: Yeah!

Amie: Yeah, well I'll give you something to cry about, you dickface! Get over here! (Smashes Jayden w/ a hammer)

Jayden: OWOWOWOWOW!!!! There's blood everywhere and I think I'm dying!

Amie: That's just too bad!

(That night, Amie poops on Jayden's grave.)


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