Jayden excited the Detriot Lions won!!! is currently the last episode in The Good Days series. It was, on Youtube, uploaded on 10/26/14.



Jayden and his brother are watching a football game. After Jayden's favorite team wins, he gets very excited and runs around, hi-fiving his mom.


  • The Lions were possibly playing the Bears.
  • This is the one of the most recent videos Amie Carter has ever uploaded, and sometime last year, she did upload a new video.
  • Many viewers think that Jayden hit his mom, but he actually just hi-fived her, but slipped.


Jayden: Eat it, let's go, come on! Please?  LET'S GO! WE WON!!!!! WE WON!!!!!! Woooooooooo!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Jayden's Brother: Yeah, woo!

Jayden: (Wooping)

Jayden's Brother: What are you doing?

Amie: Yeah! (Jayden attempts to hi-five her) Haha, ouch!

Jayden: WOO!!!!!! WOO!!!!


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