Jayden talking is an episode in the Good Days series. It was uploaded (on Youtube) on 9/19/13. 


Jayden is being interviewed by his mom. He talks about his brain and how he is trying to control it, as well as dealing with bullies at school. At the end, he and his mom get in the car to go somewhere.



Jayden: I don't know, it was like my brain felt like it was breaking.

Amie: What did it make you feel like?

Jayden: I don't know! Can we just go?

Amie: You just felt like you were going to lose it, like lose control, and be, like freak out?

Jayden: Yes, you gave me the wrong message today.

Amie: I didn't give you the wrong message today, I'll double-check. So what did your teacher do when that happened?

Jayden: I didn't do anything.

Amie: Did you tell her?

Jayden: Well, kinda-sorta. I did, but I almost couldn't.

Amie: And did it make you want to hurt somebody, or was there someone certain you wanted to hurt?

Jayden: Yes.

Amie: Was the person, like, annoying or bugging you at the time?

Jayden: I wanted to hurt the person, because he should know that's not the show. You know why?

Amie: Why?

Jayden: Because I wanted to punch the kids in the face.


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