Jayden talking is an episode in the Good Days series. It was uploaded (on Youtube) on 9/19/13. 


Jayden is being interviewed by his mom. He talks about his brain and how he is trying to control it, as well as dealing with bullies at school. At the end, he and his mom get in the car to go somewhere.


  • This was uploaded the day after Jayden upset about a soccer ball was.
    • This doesn't appear to be a follow-up to that video.
  • It is unknown where they went at the end.
  • This was the most less violent and calm he's ever been.


Jayden: Hey. I don't know but, it was like my brain was breaking.

Amie: What did it make you feel like?

Jayden: I don't know! Can we just go?

Amie: You just felt like you were going to lose it, like lose control, and be, like freak out?

Jayden: Yes, because you gave me the wrong message today.

Amie: I didn't give you the wrong message today, I'll double-check. So what did your teacher do when that happened?

Jayden: She didn't do anything.

Amie: Did you tell her that you were--

Jayden: Well, kinda-sorta. I did, but I almost couldn't.

Amie: And did it make you want to like, hurt somebody, or was there someone certain you wanted to hurt?

Jayden: Yes.

Amie: Was the person, like, annoying you or bugging you at the time?

Jayden: I wanted to hurt the person, because he should know that's not the show. You know why?

Amie: Why?

Jayden: Because I wanted to punch the kids in the face and they called me an armpit.

Amie: Really?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Who was it?

Jayden: I can't remember him, but he should come into school at lunchtime or somewhere. And look at that kid.

Amie: Really? Have you had kids being mean to you at school?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Who?

Jayden: I, uh...Just two kids. I don't know them, I never found them, but I saw this coat.

Amie: Mm-hm. Are they doing it at recess or at lunch?

Jayden: Recess AND lunch!

Amie: The same kids?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: How many are there?

Jayden: Two.

Amie: Two?

Jayden: Actually, five. Actually, seven kids.

Amie: Really?

Jayden: Called me an armpit. I want the people, I got mad at them once, slapped them in the face back.

Amie: What do you do when they say it to you?

Jayden: Um, I got--Okay, when the guy called me um, bully, he called me a bad name that has a bad word in it, so i called him Sharpie.

Amie: Oh, Sharpie?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Mm-hm.

Jayden: I actually called him permanent.

Amie: Yeah, a permanent Sharpie?

Jayden: No, permanent.

Amie: Mm.

Jayden: Next time I should call him a permanent Sharpie that is weird and mean, and then pull a Sharpie. Wouldn't that be so cool and have magic? And put Sharpie on his toes?

Amie: (laughs) Yeah, that would be cool. (Jayden talks) So, when they, like normally, when they call you names or whatever, you're just like whatever, and you would call him a Sharpie or whatever and then like, leave and walk away but today, your brain was getting bothered by it and you couldn't control it.

Jayden: What kind of law is that, that these kids call me bully, they just don't bully us anymore. Two kids doing bully stuff.

Amie: Yeah.

Jayden: Okay, one I know, one I know, it's name is Brekan.

Amie: Okay.

Jayden: What I know it's name that was calling me an armpit was Logan.

Amie: Now are they calling other people names, too? Are they bullying other kids besides you?

Jayden: Yes.

Amie: Who?

Jayden: Brekan was friends with someone, and they were fighting. Kids at school.

Amie: You know like, really names don't hurt.

Jayden: They hurt me. And people smack me. (Mumbles) Look, can we just stop talking about this and.

Amie: Yeah. But anyways, but how did you--How were you able to get control of your brain? You did it all yourself?

Jayden: Yeah. But I think you may have learned.

Amie: That's good. That is really good that you learned how to do that. It means that you learned how to use one of your special powers to control your brain. And you should start doing that more.

Jayden: Okay. I was so gonna...

Amie: Yeah?

Jayden: Eww.

Amie: Oh, but you said that your teacher almost said you flipped your card.

Jayden: Not technically.

Amie: Not technically? So...

Jayden: But she didn't say, almost (mumbles) my card. She said--She didn't say anything about taking my card.

Amie: Oh, I thought that's what started our conversation as you said that you had school today you almost had to flip your card.

Jayden: (Mumbles)

Amie: Okay. Alright, you can get in get in on your side.

Jayden: What, it was all I'm doing today in a while. One girl almost had to flip her card.

Amie: Oh really?

Jayden: Because she was messing around. And you know what, all free people had to flip their cards all because of a girl fart.

Amie: Oh.

Jayden: All free people were...

Amie: Because they were laughing?

Jayden: Gavin. That was the first time Gavin had said this.