Jayden talking about a football play is an episode in the Good Days series. On Youtube it was uploaded on 5/11/13. 



Jayden is talking about a football play.


  • The team Jayden likes is the Detroit Lions.


Jayden: Okay, so the guy who has the ball first is like this (squats).

Amie: Mm-hm.

Jayden: Then he, then the other guy grabs him and grabs him and grabs him, and threw the ball. Then while he was running, he grabs the ball underneath.

Amie: Uh-huh.

Jayden: Then the baers grab the ball, and they're like boom! And the bears are like (surprised face)

Amie: Oh.

Jayden: No, the baers did that!

Amie: That's good!

Jayden: They didn't get the touchdown. They didn't.


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