Jayden trying to get a knife is the 6th episode in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded on June 4th, 2013. 


Jayden is Very Mad When he Can't Use The Computer So He cries, kicks, yells and attempts to get a knife to attack his mom. And ALL OF THIS is over the water. Most of the video is hard to make out due to the camera turning upside down. 


  • This happened after Jayden having an extremely violent meltdown (not for children).
  • This is the only time Jayden is seen without a shirt.
  • Jayden obviously wants a knife, to kill Amie.
  • The baby from the previous episode continues crying because of Jayden, but now she's screaming.
  • Alexis' face was briefly shown near the end of the video.
  • Jayden is WAY too old for pull ups.


Jayden: Go away! Stop it! (Higher) Stop it!

Amie: Then YOU stop!

Jayden: I'm gonna f**king kill you, Kenny! ERRRRAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Amie: Hey!

Jayden: (hears the baby crying) I AM FED UP WITH THAT BABY!!! (wailing) I'm gonna f**king pinch you, Kenny, I'm gonna Kill you till you're dead!

Amie: Jayden, every time they leave the room you attack me.

Jayden: Go away! GO AWAY!!!!!!

Amie: How about this, how about we'll all go away and you'll promise not to hurt yourself or anything else.

Jayden: (Unintelligable) Get out of the house! Go away!! (Cries)

(Camera turns upside down)

Jayden: (whimpering) I'm thirsty! I want a drink!

Amie: Not until you put a Pull-Up on.

Jayden: But MOM, I'm thirsty now!!!

Amie: No, not until you put a Pull-Up on.

(Jayden screams)

Amie: Ready to put a Pull- Up on?

Jayden: (Cries)

Amie: You can't do nothing else until you put your Pull- Up on.

Jayden: (Screams)

Amie: Do you want me to help you put it on its right here

Jayden: MOM I'm thirsty I can't BREATHE

Amie: well put the Pull- Up on and I will get you something to drink

Jayden: (bangs the floor) I CAN'T BREATHE, I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!

Amie: Lexi can you get Jayden a glass of water please?

Amie: He's going to put his Pull-Up on so he can drink it

Amie: Come on it can be on by the time she gets here with the water or you're not getting the water


Amie: Come on hurry up lets do it!


Amie: Huh?

Jayden:You're killing.........

Amie: No I'm not I'm just asking you to put a Pull-Up on

Jayden: I'm going to stab myself with a knife! (gets up and tries to go to the kitchen)

Amie: (Amie grabs him) No you're not

Jayden: I really am!!

Amie: No you're not


Amie: Jayden I just want you to put a Pull-Up on

(Jayden runs to the couch when Lexi gives Amie the water)

Amie: Who want's to go who want's to stay?

(Lexi responds but it was hard to hear what she said)


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