Jayden upset (not to be confused with Jayden very upset) is the 3rd episode in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded on 10/7/12. 


It's time for Jayden to take a bath, but he doesn't want to. While sitting on the floor, he tries to think of an excuse to not to take it. He tells his mom to give him a bandaid for the cut on his foot, even though he got the cut two days ago. He waves his hands around like a retarded maniac and yells.



Amie: Bath, honey.

Jayden: Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! Mommy, please thrust me!

Amie: What do you want?

Jayden: I want Neosporin and a band-aid.

Amie: Okay, if I do that, then will you take a bath?

Jayden: Yes!

Amie: Does your foot hurt?

Jayden: YES!!!!!!!!!! NOW GIVE IT!!! NOW, I CAN'T HELP IT!! MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amie: When did you cut your foot?

Jayden: Right now!

Amie: It doesn't look like it's from right now.

Jayden: Yeah weh (it is), so hurry up!

Amie: Okay!


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