Jayden upset about a soccer ball is a video uploaded by Amie Carter on September 18, 2013. 


Jayden is upset that Amie won't let him take his soccer ball into her clothing resale store. He kicks and hits her. She tries to calm him down, but ends up having to call 911 on him.

Transcript Edit

Jayden upset about a soccer ball (not for children)09:27

Jayden upset about a soccer ball (not for children)

Jayden, stop hitting me! He's just not listening, okay?!

Jayden: Look at me!

Amie: Don't!

Jayden: You godd**n b**ch! (growls and hits the camera)

Amie: Jayden, stop! Stop hitting me! Jayden, stop! Here.

Alexis: Stop.

Amie: Take this. (gives Alexis the camera) Stop, now.

Jayden: No!

Amie: Yes!

Jayden: (Hits Amie then grunts)

Amie: Come on. We're sitting on the couch.

Jayden: (screeching and moaning) No!

Amie: Yes we are!

Jayden: No.

Amie: Stop hitting and kicking! (Jayden continues hitting and kicking Amie)

Amie: Alright, right here. Come on! Let's sit on the floor.

Jayden: (Cries) Mommy!

Amie: We're not doing this all day, buddy.

Jayden: (Yells) Stop!

Amie: Then stop hitting me!

Jayden: Mooom! (Hits Amie then cries)

Amie: Do you need to be squeezed? Huh?

Jayden: (Makes sounds and continues hitting Amie)

Amie: Stop!

Jayden: I want to bring the soccer ball in here!

Amie: We're not bringing that soccer ball in! (Jayden pinches Amie) OUUCH!!! He just pinched me! (She leaves Jayden)

Amie: What is your deal? Let's see, just...

Amie: Stop your little pinching! You think you're funny, don't ya?

Jayden: (Makes sounds)

Amie: Stop pinching me, and then I won't have to do it!

Jayden: (Makes More sounds)

Amie: Okay. Alright, this is not a proper restrict. Come on. We're not gonna be playing here. Give me my foot back.

Jayden: I'm gonna f**king kill you. (whinging and crying) I told you to look at me, you goddamn b**ch. (pushes a clothesline and squeals when Amie comes back to him)

Amie: (Mumbles something) Don't--Okay. Calm down. Calm down.

Jayden: Noooo! Stop it, stop doing that! Mooom...

Amie: I was just giving you a hug, bud.

Jayden: (Cries)

Amie: I'm not gonna let you pull a store cart when you're hurting me.

Jayden: Mom! Mom, please! Get off of me! Get off!

Amie: No, I'm just gonna stay like this for right now until you calm down.

Jayden: Mommy! Mommy, just please put your foot off!

Amie: Okay, are you gonna stop hitting me and kicking me and being violent?

Jayden: Yes!

Amie: Okay, feel better now? See? (nods her head) You've always gotta get that last one in, don't you buddy?

Jayden; (Squirms)

Amie: Don't hit me, don't kick me, and don't knock any racks over. Understood? Do you get it?

Jayden: No.

Jayden: No. (cries again and squirms) Stop it, stop doin' that! You're squeezing me too hard!

Amie: Stop moving, then.

Jayden: But you're squeezing me too hard.

Amie: Are you gonna stop?

Jayden: No. Please don't squeeze me too hard!

Amie: Do you want me to squeeze you?

Jayden: (Makes a sound)

Amie: Huh, do you want me to squeeze you?

Jayden: YES, YES!!!!!!! Mmm. SACCER BELLE!!! (moans and cries like a baby)

Amie: Come here.

Jayden: (Continues crying)

Amie: Hey, I didn't even ask you, what game are we gonna get? When are we gonna take the other ones back? Are you gonna keep the John Cena video?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Yeah is that one your favorite?

Jayden: (Whimpers) Yeah.

Amie: Yeah. Do you know what game you've been playing the last few days is that Minute Black one? Lexi might even like that one.

Jayden: (Mumbles)

Amie: It's not? You can't do Sergeant K? And another one? That's a bummer. Did you show Lexi all the games that you have?

Jayden: No.

(Mumbling in background)

Amie: Does she like any of them?

Jayden: (Gets hugged by Amie and then cries)

Amie: Love you.

Jayden: (whimpers and then looks at Alexis) Are you gonna shut off the video?

Alexis: (hides in a clothesline) No.

Jayden: (Whining)

Amie: Okay, come on.

Jayden: No.

Amie: Am I gonna sit on the floor all day? How am I gonna work from here? Huh?

Jayden: (Crying)

Amie: The customers are gonna have to go ring themselves up. "Sorry, I can't get up." Lexi can bring the cash register down here.

Jayden: (Cries again)

Amie: Huh? Yeah. Ooh, this is a good song. Let's show Grandma what we did the other day, and show Lexi what we did.

Jayden: No.

Amie: You used to like this song when you were a baby.

Jayden: I'm now big.

Amie: It used to be your favorite when you were a baby. You would get all excited. You'd smile and kick your little legs. It would make you wanna dance with you. (Tickles Jayden) Does that feel good?

Amie: Yeah, do you want me to get you a bagel or what? I can't get a bagel with you sitting on me.

Amie: Get up!

Jayden: (Mumbles something while crying)

Amie: I told you you gave your soccer ball in the back.

Jayden: (Cries) Mommy, come on. You're gonna--

Amie: You're not gonna win this one, you're not gonna have that soccer ball in front of all these mirrors, and you kicking it. No. You've already been violent today.

Jayden: Mommy, please. I'm not gonna kick it.

Amie: Jayden, no. You're not gonna talk me into it. I--we won't win it again. You're not gonna win this one. (Jayden kicks her in the neck) And if you keep it going, then you'll ruin your vacation up North and that's not fun, either.

Jayden: (Kicks Amie)

Amie: Really? You think you're gonna win and you're not? I will sit here all day. I will hold you all day long.

Jayden: Oh no you won't.

Amie: Oh yes I will.

Jayden: (Cries)

Amie: If I need to, I will. You're not winning.

Jayden: Ow. Ow.

Amie: Take a second.

Jayden: (Squirms)

Amie: Jayden, you know what, we're not going to play this game. You're either gonna listen to me, I only touched your leg, and next I'm gonna have to call 911. (Jayden kicks her neck again) Oh my gosh, that really.... freakin' hurt, it was on my neck.

Amie: I'm not gonna do this all day. Alright, 911 it is. You just pinched me. You just kicked me in the neck. You cannot control yourself, then you need to go somewhere.

Jayden: (unintelligible whimpering and sobbing)

Amie: I don't know what to do.

Amie: Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it! (Jayden throws something at her offscreen) Alright, you know what? He's just not even listening! I don't know what to do.

Jayden: (Continues sobbing)

Alexis: He's gonna have to go with me.

Alexis: You're gonna have to come home with me.


  • This video was uploaded the day before "Jayden talking".
  • Jayden is barefoot in the store.
  • If one hears closely, the store is playing "Best Song Ever" by One Direction and "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain.
  • If you look closely on Jayden's shirt, it is an orange Avengers shirt.


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