Jayden upset that no one could play is the 8th episode in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series, uploaded on July 28, 2013. 


One day, Jayden is hanging out with his mom at home. He smiles after he thinks his mom is crying. Then he hits her, forcing her to cry. Later, he says that she's being mean and gets bored. His mom then tries to think of things for him to do.


  • The car is shown towards the beginning of the video.
  • Most of the people in the comments are angry at Jayden because they think he's being a jerk.
  • Irony: Jayden said that his mom was being mean to him, even though he was being mean to her.


Jayden: (Makes a sound as video starts)

Jayden: I'm gonna kill you!!! (Messes with wiper on back of car)

Amie: Hey, don't do that!

Jayden: I don't freakin' care.

Jayden: You'd better cry! (Smiles)

Amie: Why are you smiling?

Jayden: Cuz, you an idiot!

Amie: Because I'm crying?

Jayden: Yeah!

Amie: Yeah well look it, I have no tears. I'm not crying.

Jayden: You're not doing what--I told you not to talk like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayden: (Grunts) Is she responding?

Amie: I, uh...

Jayden: (Crying) I have no one to play with.

Amie: What's wrong?

Jayden: You're bein' mean!

Amie: How am I being mean?

Jayden: (Mumbling) I told you to stop this sh*t.

Amie: Um, did you just hit me? Um, twice and, hit me in the house and threaten me because you don't have anybody to play with?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: Okay. Did I ask you to please not hit me and to be nice to me?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: And to speak nice to me?

Jayden: Yeah.

Amie: And you swore at me and threatened me and you were talking about wanting to kill yourself.

Jayden: Yes! (Smiles again) I have no one to play with.

Amie: Well you've been playing with Alex for like, two weeks straight. I was gonna be excited to like, have some time for me and you and Lexi to hang out. We can go color, we can play a game.

Jayden: (Crying)

Amie: You wanna play a game? Your room's clean now, let's go pick out a game.

Jayden: (Mumbles some more) Movies, I like movies!

Amie: Okay.

Jayden: (Mumbles) Can I have chocolate milk?


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