Jayden very upset is the 10th episode of the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded to YouTube on September 11, 2014.



Jayden came home from his dad and he throws a severe tantrum because his mom refused to hook up his Xbox. Jayden is Very Angry When He Cannot Go To Respite So He Could've Been Hitting and Shouting and Screaming Jayden Cannot To Go To Twechar Respite Because He Goes Into Bad Moods


  • This is the last episode in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series since Jayden behaves properly lately.
  • Some people would argue that this is the most violent Jayden has ever been.


Amie: Do you need me to make a phone call?

Jayden: That's it! (runs up to Amie and hits her)

Amie: Stop! Jayden, stop it, now!

Jayden: Thanks!

Amie: Jayden, stop. Stop, stop stop.

Jayden: A**hole!

Amie: Jayden!


Amie: Jayden, stop, now!

Jayden: I'll beat your a** up, Lexi!

Amie: Jayden, stop!

Jayden: You better not f**king smile, ni**a.

Alexis: (offscreen) Do you need help?

Amie: Jayden, stop, please?

Jayden: What the f**k is wrong with you! (Amie squeezes him) Ow! (crying) (screams at the top of his lungs) Don't smile, ni**a. I don't wanna be in that f**king room.

Amie: Don't do this, Jayden!

Jayden: F**k you, Chris! (tries to hit Chris)

Amie: Stop! You need to take deep breaths and calm now.

Jayden: No you f**king hit me in the shin!

Amie: Control yourself! I didn't mean to! (Jayden growls and hits her) Stop! Your gonna hurt me!

Jayden: (after Chris touches him) STOP IT!!

Amie: Just stop! Just stop! Jay?

Jayden: Let go of me!

Amie: I don't want to have to call.

Jayden: Let me go!

Amie: I don't want to have to call. I am going to help you get through this!

Jayden: (screeches) uwahhhaahaa!! uuaahhhAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayden: Just...f**king...let go!

Amie: Nonono..

Jayden: Let me go!! (hits) (starts whining and "ow"ing after Amie holds and squeezes him)

Amie: (after Amie squeezes Jayden) Jayden, I'm not hurting you! You're fine!

Jayden: Oww...I just wanna free my hands!!!!

Jayden: Let me go! (crying and squirming)

Amie: Well, cause you're attacking me! (Jayden starts attacking her) STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll let you up if you stop!!

Jayden: (while Chris is holding on to his feet) STOP IT CHRIS, STOP!!

Amie: Don't hit or kick or throw anything! (Jayden gets up and tries to hit Chris) Nope..nope..nope!

Do we need to have the police calm you down?

Amie: Don't! (Jayden pulls Jamie's hair) Jayden, let go right now!

Jayden: (laughs) No..

Amie: Let go of my hair! (Jayden let's go) Thank you. (Jayden tries to grab her) Just stop...

Jayden: No!

Amie: ...before you hurt me.

Jayden: Not if Lexi smiles!

Amie: Lexi, don't smile anymore.

Amie: Woo, what a workout. (Jayden hits her again) It's Ok, stop!

Jayden: (while Amie and Chris are holding onto him)!

Amie: Then stop punching your Mom!

Chris: You need to calm down, ok buddy?

Amie: It's ok! We love you! x3 (Jayden hits her in the side; Amie groans) Alright, I'm calling the police!

Jayden: (whining) No. I'm sorry.

Amie: (groans) That hurt, bud.

Jayden: (whining) I'm sorry.


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