The following comes from Amie Carter's blog "More Than Hope Michigan".

5 minutes into getting home, he demands food. He starts getting aggressive and hostile. And is mocking and antagonizing me.

I get him food and give him the flashlight so he would have an important job (it was storming). Screaming in a mean voice J yells a demand for me to hook up his Xbox. I refuse “, stating he needs to ask me in a nicer way. The video starts. At the end. He apologizes.

He laid in momma bed and I went to cool off outside. I came back in and he greeted me at the door. Asking in a nice, baby like demeanor, also apologizing again. I said yes and promptly hooked it up. While I was hooking it up. Jayden stated he wanted cookies.

I said I would look and see what we had. But I would make something in a little bit. Jayden was anxiously sitting on the couch. As I tried to figure out why it’s not working (I plugged it in wrong).

Jayden started saying. “You're so stupid. I hate you Mom. I just hate your face. I just hate everything about you and I don’t know why…SCREAMS ERRRRAUGH …JUST MAKE ME COOKIES.”

An hour later he denied it ever happening. Rubbed my face and told me how he loves me and how beautiful my face is.