The following comes from Amie Carter's blog "More Than Hope Michigan".

I need help …

I want to continue parenting him, I want to keep going… but I need some tools put in place and I need him to have a change of environment for awhile,  a medication evaluation and I need to have a straight disciplined environment for him to return to. I do not want my son to end up in foster care but I also do not want my family to be continually be abused by my son… my son needs help, he needs extreme behavioral therapy in a structured environment.

Let me ask you this, how is it that it’s okay for a child to abuse the family? How does it make it any less wrong or an acceptable environment to live in? There are shelters, resources and supports put in place for domestic violence and child abuse.  Where can I GO? Where can my daughter and I go when we are verbally and physically attacked and hurt by my son?  They need to have helped put into place for families that deal with children that are extremely violent due to mental illness.

“Yeah we close all the mental hospitals but where does that leave us families who struggle and are put in violence situations day in and day out…The state, just waiting until the child eventually is old enough to be charged with criminal charges and gets into the system. They end up in jail, prison, commit suicide or eventually hurt somebody.

I know you can’t diagnose a child with being a sociopath, but the least you could do is give support and help the family to gain control of the situation and try to rehabilitate. I need a break from my son, he needs to go to a controlled environment of train people to be able to handle him and I need to get better I’ve lost myself trying to save him