Tantrum in the Parking Lot is the first episode in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded on June 8, 2010. 


Jayden is screaming because he wants to go back into the Ponderosa Steakhouse that his mom is taking him out of and he wanted to win the cards from the crane machine. He screams a lot, hits someone else's car and more. The whole time, his mom smiles because it is a nervous habit. Eventually, Jayden gets in the car with his blanket and pacifier for which case he is three and too old for a pacifier.

It is said by Amie "When we got to the restaurant, Jayden noticed the crane game where you can win prizes. He was obsessed with wanting to play it during dinner." She then gave him 5 quarters and told him after dinner, they could play. This resulted in Jayden not winning anything. "This was actually the first time I couldn't get him in the car." Amie says. The video was filmed after Jayden's doctor asked Amie to video document his behavior so he could find a diagnosis for Jayden.


  • Jayden was 3 years old and he looks too old for a pacifier, according to most of the video's comments.
  • This is the first episode in the "Jayden's Extreme Behavior" series.
  • This is the only episode where Amie has a green shirt.
  • Cars in the background are a 1999-2004 Pontiac Montana and a 2004-2007 Buick Rainier. Jayden's family drives the Rainier.
  • This was recorded on E Court Road in Lapeer, Michigan.
  • This and Jayden upset are the only Jayden episodes with a tantrum or meltdown where Jayden doesn't swear.
  • Jayden was wearing a red Spider-Man shirt.
  • Amie was smiling the whole time, because the tantrum started inside the restaurant, and everybody was staring at him.
  • If attempted to watch the video outside of Youtube, It will give the viewer a message telling them that "Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner". However, a Youtube API can work around the block.


Jayden: (Crying)

Amie: We are leaving!

Jayden: I wanna go in again!

Amie: C'mon!

Jayden: I'm going in!

Amie: C'mon!

Jayden: We're going in! WE'RE GOING IN!!!

Amie: Are you taping him? (Notices camera) Oh, you're videoing? C'mon. C'mon.

Jayden: I wanna go! (Crying) No! I don't like you!!! I wanna go back in.

Amie: Okay listen, we're not gonna go back in.

Jayden: YES!!!!!! (As Jayden puts his pacifier in his mouth)

Amie: No, we're gonna get in the car!

Jayden: NO WE'RE NOT!!!!! I WANNA GO BACK IN!!!!!

Amie: No! No! Listen to me, do you want to go in timeout right here?

Jayden: NO!

Amie: Do you wanna go in timeout? Do you wanna go sit in timeout over there? Okay, come on.

Jayden: AAAAAAUGH!!!! Mm-m! (Starts hitting a Pontiac Montana van)

Amie: Watch out! That is not our vehicle! You do not hit nobody's-- Don't! Calm down! Breathe!

Jayden: (Crying) I wanna go back! Wanna go back!

Amie: Don't you go out there!

Jayden: (Screaming) (Amie opens the car door) I wanna go back in. I WANNA GO BACK! I WANNAGOAA!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! (Screams as Amie tries to get him in the car)

Amie: Honey, listen, I understand that you really wanted to win the card. Okay? 

Jayden:(screams some more) Let's go back!

Amie: We're not going back.

Jayden: (crying) And I want get an animal!

Amie: You need to get in the car. Everybody in the restaurant is watching you right now.

Jayden: I want get aminal! I wan' jobaznho!

Amie: You know what, I understand that you do but we're not-- we're not safe, we already tried.

Jayden: (More screaming) Leave me alone! Mommy!!

Amie: No, no!

Jayden: YES!!!!!!!!! Yes! NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!

Amie: Stop it, right now! Stop! Okay, this is enough! You're gonna leave your arm here! C'mon! C'mon! OK, so we're just gonna hang out here? Cuz you won't get in the car? We're just gonna hang out here? Do you want me to put you in timeout on the sidewalk?

Jayden: (Crying)

Amie: We're not going back in Jayden, we're not going back in. No, we are not!

Jayden: YES!!!!!!!!!!

Amie: No, we are not going back in! We are not going back in!

Jayden: Yeah we are, yeah we are! I wan' get aminal!

Amie: Jayden, we're not going back in. No.

Jayden: (Lets out another scream and stumbles towards the Pontiac Montana, tries to hit it but fails)

Amie: Don't you hit their car, I said NO! (Starts squeezing Jayden) Time-out for Jayden! Time-out for Jayden!

Jayden: (His pacifier falls out of his mouth) Passy! Passy! Passy!

Amie: Nope, no passy for Jayden, no! You're not being a good boy!

Jayden: Let me GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amie: I will get your passy if you get in the car! You get in the car, and I'll get your passy! C'mon, in the car.

Jayden: I wanna see!

Amie: Get in the car and I'll give you passy. (Jayden gets in)

Jayden: I want to go home. I wanna be able to cross my leg.

Amie: I wanna go home too, buddy. (Buckles Jayden in his car seat and gives him his pacifier)

Jayden: (Crying)

Amie: Deep breaths, stop crying. Where's your blanket?

Jayden: (Cries like a baby)

(Amie covers Jayden up with his blanket that has frogs on it)

Amie: Here, you want your water cell phone (Gives Jayden an electronic device)

Jayden: I wanna sleep on Mommy's leg.

Amie: (Taps Jayden's hands) I know. (Closes the car door)