Tantrum in the parking lot 2 is the 2nd episode in the Jayden's Extreme Behavior series. It was uploaded on 6/15/12.


Jayden is extremely mad that he can only get one toy from the toy store and not two. He hits the car in the parking lot and swears at his mother.


  • This is (obviously) the sequel to Tantrum in the parking lot.
  • Jayden is only wearing one shoe in this episode.
  • The cars in the background are a 2004-2007 Buick Rainier and a 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota.
  • Amie states Jayden freaked out for 2 hours.


Jayden: I will punch your little.

Amie: No, you don't hit, Jayden, stop! Stop! (Jayden hits the car)

Jayden: I'll freakin' punch your mouth!

Amie: NO! You better not touch his car!

Jayden: You shut up and you shut your freakin' mouth! F**k! A**hole!


Amie: When are you gonna learn to stop using those words?

Jayden: AH F**K!!!

(More silence)

Amie: So what are you upset about, because--

Jayden: YOU'RE NOT!!

Amie: --you can't agree to be a good boy? To go to the store, HEY!

Jayden: You shut your little freakin' mouth.

Amie: Is that how you're supposed to talk to your mom?

Jayden: (While Amie is talking) No. NO!!! (Hits car) No.

(Even more silence)

Guy in the background: I just saw you hit my truck.

Jayden: Mmm.


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