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Posted by amiem012 in Uncategorized on May 7, 2014

I don’t feel like my son's school is recognizing my son's disability.

Not only does my son receive SSI but he is also medical diagnosed with Aspergers, ODD, Bi-polar NOS and PTSD. He is being kicked off the bus, suspended from recess, having in school suspension and out of school suspensions. At one point his desk was facing the brick wall in a cubby like setting during class. 

The school recognizes how well Occupational Therapy can be for my son, yet they don’t provide it. The school knows of my sons disability and that it inhibits his ability to regulate his emotions and that he suffers from impulsivity, anxiety and anger. That is my sons disability.

What don’t they get? My son truly suffers from these disorders.


Since the first week he was born. No eye contact, seizures, colicky, no self soothing skills, gastrointestinal problems, eczema, spinning, never sleeping, hitting himself in the head, anger, explosiveness, short tempered, repetitive behavior, manipulation beyond his years, fake emotions…the list goes on and on.

I know my son. And he needs me right now. He needs me to be building structure, stability, positive guidance, understanding, acceptance…love. He will grow up one day and have a choice.

A choice to be good or bad. I’m trying to improve the chances of him taking the right road. By teaching him the way he needs to be taught. By being fair, negotiating, rewarding good behavior …our local CMH Genesee health systems have a team of 5 people that have meetings about Jayden. He has been getting 2 in home visits a week since Dec. 2012 when he was hospitalized for 6 days.

He also gets 2 OT visits a week and a psychologist on his case. He is taking 7 different medications from the psychiatrist he sees once a month at GHS. We go to support group once a month, an autism family night 2 times a month, we have changed to no red dye, whole foods, gluten free diet.

We follow a behavioral plan, GHS is getting us a sensory swing, and we are trying to put in a sensory room. Jayden is physically, emotionally and verbally abusive to the closet people to him. Just 3 weeks ago he lost it and attacked 3 separate authority figures in the same week.

I’m trying my best..but what is the school doing to do their best? Why is my son sitting in the office and in trouble all the time? Why not approve him for special needs and help him??? Give him OT therapy. Let him have a para pro to redirect him at his unstructured time, to remind him of his coping skills that we are drilling in his head. Help him while he is young and maybe he won’t need it later. Let the other kids know that Jayden IS different. He wants them to know. He told me. Maybe they can help him by being supportive and maybe they can remind him of his coping skills. 

If those things were in place, my son may have not been suspended 4 times in two weeks, missing 10 days of school and he also may not have been kicked off the bus for the remainder of the year.

Just like society. The school wants to brush it under the rug.

I will continue to fight until something changes. Because my son deserves the best chance possible and RIGHT NOW is the time.